Transparent Rates

Our pricing comprises inbound and outbound goods handling, storage, standard inventory service, other value-added services and distribution.


Global networks and great buying power allow us to offer a competitive and transparent price model that can be tailored to suit your business needs and you are only billed for the service that have been used.


In addition, we offer return management services covering undeliverable package, buyer return parcels and FBA returns. Contact us for making an enquiry now.

  • Tailored Quote

    Our friendly and experienced sales team will respond to your business needs and offer the fairest deal to help companies grow.

  • Fulfilment on a global scale

    With us, you will have access to 30+ fulfilment centres across Asia, Europe and the USA.

  • Find the best option for your distribution

    When it comes to shipping, you will be spoilt for choices with different carriers and pallet shipment providers. Saving you from approaching them individually, we’ve done the price negotiation for you.

  • Shipment reports made easy

    Keep track of all your shipping and dispatches with the corresponding costs with a click of a button.